Open Source

"Referred to by some as a 'paradigm shift', the open-source software phenomenon is having a significant impact on the information technology landscape. Although the revenue generated by open-source software does not come from the products themselves but from related hardware, software, and services, that revenue is now in the billions of dollars and growing."Reference: IBM,

Open Source - Linux is not a new technology. Its origin dates back to the 60s however, the emergence of major brand names like Microsoft kept this technology from the public eye for years until compelling business reasons brought this to the fore.

Open Source - Linux now enjoys the support of IT giants like: HP, IBM and Red Hat

Microsoft has now released a policy of co-operating with Open Technologies

If you're considering an Open Source - Linux strategy or want to know if Open Source Solutions can assist you in increasing stability of your IT systems, whilst reducing overhead costs, we can assist. Open Source is not for every business. Didymo Designs can help you investigate the suitability of Open Source for your business. 

If you have decided to move forward with Open Source/Linux Didymo Designs has the experience to assist in the formulation of your change management strategy, including the establishment of a suitable testing environment. 

Didymo Designs is proud to say we have over 10 years experience in the Open Source Technology Area and is a long standing member of the Open Source Industry Association, with member Number: 18.

Didymo Designs is the only Red Hat reseller South of Sydney.

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