Open Telephony: Trixbox

Trixbox Pro Standard Edition including HUDlite.

Recommended Deployment: Less than 10 employees
Trixbox Pro SE is our hybrid-hosted telephony solution based on Asterisk® and improved for reliability and scalability (up to 500 users per site). Besides the usual fare of Asterisk features, trixbox Pro SE includes: easy user interface, web-based voice-mail, powerful exportable reporting, click-to-call, integrated HUDlite, mouse-driven operator panel, Outlook integration, real-time resource graphs, system alerts, auto-card configuring, seamless VoIP trunking and more.

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Trixbox Pro Enterprise Edition including HUDpro

Recommended Deployment: 10-500 employees
A step up from trixbox Pro SE, trixbox Pro EE contains all of the features of Standard Edition, plus conference bridges, multiple auto-attendants, paging, intercom (group + individual), group permissions and more. Trixbox Pro EE also comes standard with HUD Pro, which adds presence management, drag and drop call control, private enterprise chat, interactive desktop alerts and more.

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Trixbox Pro Call Centre Edition including HUDpro

Recommended Deployment: Call Centre w/ 2 - 200 agents
Trixbox Pro CCE builds on the powerful features of both Standard and Enterprise Edition by adding advanced Call Centre capabilities at an unbelievably low price. Designed for companies with 2 - 200 agents Call Centre Edition adds robust ACD and IVR capabilities with unlimited queues, skills-based routing, real-time queue statistics, graphical reports, web-based recording access and more. Trixbox Pro CCE comes with HUD Pro which brings advanced agent capabilities such as on-the-fly recording, call barge, call monitor, CRM integration and one-touch agent login.

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