Being a small and relatively new jewellery business operating predominantly from various markets, I had specific requirements for my website.


Ashley quickly understood the importance of having a front page showing

  1. what Feminique jewellery is all about and
  2. a listing of all the upcoming markets where customers could find me.

I also wanted to maintain the website myself so I wasn't reliant on others nor have the related ongoing costs. The Content Management System (CMS) that Didymo provided was asthetically customised for my business and after just two short sessions of training I was able to set up my whole website. More importantly I have been able to maintain it including regularly updating the markets I will be at.

I am hoping to move to online sales soon and the CMS has eCommerce capability to cope with my expanding business requirements.

I was impressed by Ashley's quick understanding of both my business and website requirements. Whenever I had any questions or problems, Ashley was quick to assist and answer or explain in non-technical terms.

Thank you Ashley!!

Rhonda Mitchell