Being a small and relatively new jewellery business operating predominantly from various markets, I had specific requirements for my website.


Ashley quickly understood the importance of having a front page showing

  1. what Feminique jewellery is all about and
  2. a listing of all the upcoming markets where customers could find me.

I also wanted to maintain the website myself so I wasn't reliant on others nor have the related ongoing costs. The Content Management System (CMS) that Didymo provided was asthetically customised for my business and after just two short sessions of...

World Wide Day in Science


The team at Didymo Designs deliver a good-looking web site on time and with the functionality that we want.

We have been very pleased with what they have been able to do for the World-Wide Day in Science 2007, 2008 and 2009 web sites.

They have been willing to undertake work when others we approached failed even to respond to our inquiries.

What I appreciate especially is how Ashley Maher works to make the process transparent. He takes the time to explain in non-technical terms what is feasible in a web site and what will be expensive to add.

In addition, he and the team...

Entrepreneurs in Science Unit

University of New South Wales

Didymo Designs was engaged to design and develop a secure Web-based login database. From our initial discussions, Didymo was able to portray a number of options that were available within the specified budget. Didymo was also clear as to what would be contained within the proposals and what was out of scope.

The scope of work contained a system whereby alumni of the Entrepreneurs in Science Unit at UNSW could securely access private information, such as the contact details of their peers and information relating to their career...